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    Plasma pretreatment for perfect printing

    PlasmaXperience - plasma pretreatment made understandable

    Get a good overview of the most important mechanisms of adhesion, the correct application and the essential influencing factors of pretreatment with atmospheric pressure plasma from over 20 years of experience as well as examples from practice and an overview of the technologies that can be used and their areas of application.

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  • New atmospheric plasma LAB system

    Atmospheric plasma laboratory system

    The plasma system is specifically designed to be used in laboratorys, research- and health institutions for research and development purposes.

    This compact and user-friendly device fits in every lab. It is also suitable to treat non-flammable liquids.

    A vast number of applications are possible due to the versatile chemical and physical aspects of the atmospheric plasma: i.e. modification of surfaces, improvement of adhesion, desinfection etc…

  • Packaging industry

    It is hard to imagine the modern packaging industry without atmospheric plasma.

    Outer packaging, which used to be made of "printed cardboard," is now made of plastic or of cardboard with a foil coating. These new materials place different demands on the base surface.

    It is impossible to create an adhesive bond if the surface has not been activated with atmospheric plasma.

  • Medical engineering

    Sensitive, 100 percent, consistent, reliable, lasting, careful - there are just a few of the properties essential to a medical technology manufacturing process.

    Whether bonding needle tips or adapter pieces, printing syringes or insulin pens: The ink or adhesive has to bond extremely well. This can be achieved only when the surface is treated by ultra-fine cleaning or activation.

  • Automotive industry

    Selective ultra-fine cleaning or activation of surfaces on the production line is a steadily growing market.

    More and more components, assemblies, etc. are joined or fixed in place by adhesion, making pre-treatment essential. This requires single-nozzle or multiple-nozzle heads or multi-systems, depending on the product, material and geometry.

  • Consumer goods industry

    Handles, tubes, bottles, flacons, flower boxes, writing instruments, toys, painting supplies, tools, covers, front panels and innumerable other plastic products are activated before printing to ensure that the paint or ink bonds properly and permanently.

    The best activation method is determined based on throughput, the surface energy required, the surface to be printed and many other parameters. All of our systems that work with atmospheric pressure are worth considering - Plasma MEF, Plasma CAT and T-JET technology.

Plasma coating | Customized surfaces

Adding special precursors to the discharging plasma stream enables layers of customized materials to be applied to plastics and metals.

The following finishes can be applied:

  • Corrosion-resistant coating
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Antireflex coating
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Barrier coating
  • Adhesive coating

Surface treatment at atmospheric pressure

In the atmospheric pressure plasma polymerization process, the molecules of organic basic substances are fragmented, ionized and partially oxidized by the high-energy plasma stream. The excited species interact with the substrate surfaces and form an even, firmly bonded, non-porous layer, The coating is applied with a modified nozzle from our industrially established Plasma MEF series, expanded to include a precursor evaporator unit.

The composition and properties of the layer are determined by the degree of fragmentation and the oxidation level of the precursor in the (air) plasma as well as by the plasma output.

If functional nanoparticles are deposited along with the precursor, the surface properties change again. Surfaces can be made antibacterial e.g. by integrating silver nanoparticles in the coating.

Our development partners would be happy to provide more information.


Inline capacity at atmospheric pressure

Functional layers can also be applied along the production line. Before this can occur, trials should be run to determine whether the thickness required can be applied at the given throughput speed or cycle.

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