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Plasma pretreatment increases cost efficiency and environmental friendliness of consumer goods

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Environmental friendliness and fair working conditions are required

The demands on high quality consumer goods are increasing. On one hand, flawless workmanship, high quality and durability are expected. On the other hand, production that is as environmentally friendly as possible and fair production conditions are required. This makes the use of adhesives, primers, but also solvent-based paints and varnishes difficult or even impossible. A simple way without these problematic processing aids but still achieving excellent adhesion of paints, adhesives and varnishes is to use plasma pretreatment.

Optimal adhesion through plasma pretreatment

Thanks to the inline capability of the atmospheric pressure plasma systems, all the processes in the manufacture of consumer goods can be operated with high process speeds and enable safe and reproducible pretreatment for perfect adhesion and cost-effective production.

Advantages and benefits of plasma pretreatment in packaging

  1. Simple and clean process through cost-efficient, environmentally friendly electrical plasma treatment
  2. Reliable reproducibility of the pretreatment, even with sensitive surfaces, due to the adjustable and controlled plasma discharge
  3. Full monitoring f all process-relevant parameters due to real-time monitoring with TIGRES SQI (System Quality Index)

Bond electronic products and mobile phones in an environmentally friendly way without primer


High-quality cell phones and electronic products are provided with numerous adhesive bonds that have to fulfill various functions, including printing and painting. Environmental friendliness and fair working conditions are important purchasing decisions. The plasma treatment means that problematic primers and adhesive systems can be dispensed with ...

Bonding cell phones in an environmentally friendly and safe way