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Bonding electronic products environmentally friendly without primer


Environmentally friendly bonding and painting through plasma pretreatment

High-quality cell phones and electronic products are provided with numerous adhesive bonds that have to fulfill various functions. The printing and painting should also convey high quality, durability and value. Environmental friendliness and fair working conditions in manufacturing are important purchasing decisions.

Replace primers with environmentally friendly plasma systems

Primers enable even difficult plastics to be bonded securely. There are, however, problems that make it interesting to replace it with other methods.

1. Harmfulness to the environment and health hazard

A large number of primers are very harmful to the environment and health. Due to increased environmental awareness, concern for their own health and the desire to protect people in the manufacturing process, avoidable burdens on the part of consumers are no longer tolerated. A good brand image is no longer possible without an environmentally friendly and social orientation.

Plasma treatment can replace the function of the primer, which is to create a secure and permanent bond. The plasma is generated by an electrical discharge and does not leave any substances harmful to the environment or health on the surface of the treated product.

2. Relaiable application of primer is often difficult to ensure and is also maintenance-intensive

Applying a primer to a surface in a technically professional and functional manner can be very time-consuming and often entails extensive maintenance costs. That problem increases the operating costs considerably.

The pretreatment with a plasma system can be easily integrated into the production line or automation thanks to the electrical operation. The maintenance effort is extremely low.

3. Primers are very expensive

Primers are often very expensive. The primer can be up to 30 times more expensive per bonded surface than a comparable plasma treatment. Using plasma pretreatment systems can lead to considerable cost savings in production.

Optimizing the bonding of cell phones with adhesive tapes using plasma

Adhesive tapes are widely used in the production of cell phones and electronic devices. Reliable adhesion during the product life cycle is of crucial importance. The optimal plasma pretreatment plays an important role, especially with adhesive tapes, in order to achieve optimal adhesion of the adhesive tape. Too little activation as well as over-treatment reduces the possible adhesion potential of the adhesive tapes.

Perfect adhesion through power adjustable plasma for adhesive tape applications

The plasma pretreatment devices from TIGRES are inherently able to freely adjust the output power in a specific range. The controlled discharge keeps the adjusted power constant. This way, the user can determine the optimal plamsa dose for the best adhesion results and achieve reproducible production.

Advantages and benefits of plasma pretreatment in cell phones and electronic products

  1. Simple and clean process through cost-efficient, environmentally friendly electrical plasma treatment
  2. Reliable reproducibility of the pretreatment, even with sensitive surfaces, due to the adjustable and controlled plasma discharge
  3. Full monitoring of all process-relevant parameters due to real-time monitoring with TIGRES SQI (System Quality Index)