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Plasma pretreatment for cost efficiency and environmental friendliness in the packaging industry

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Packaging material made from polyolefins such as PP and PE, as well as laminated, varnished or coated cardboard packaging are used to a large extent in the packaging industry. They are used particulary for food, cosmetics, medicine or electronic products. The packaging is often printed for labeling and decorative purposes and also in further processing steps glued.

Optimal adhesion with plasma pretreatment

Due to the inline capability of the plasma systems, processes in the packaging industry are able to be operated at high process speeds at a high efficiency and also enable safe and reproducible pretreatment for perfect adhesion for a cost-effective production.

Advantages and benefits of plasma pretreatment in packaging

  1. Simple and clean process through cost-efficient, environmentally friendly electrical plasma treatment
  2. Reliable reproducibility of the pretreatment, even with sensitive surfaces, due to the adjustable and controlled plasma discharge
  3. Full monitoring of all process-relevant parameters due to real-time monitoring with TIGRES SQI (System Quality Index)

Gluing folded boxes perfectly

High-quality folding boxes are often difficult to glue, as they are often provided with a surface made of polyolefins or lacquers, which makes the gluing difficult or even impossible. Plasma pretreatment enables a secure bonding.

Gluing folded boxes perfectly

Plasma for perfect printing and varishing of cosmetic products

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Cosmetic products and packaging have high demands on quality and appearance, while producing high quantities at the same time.

Optimally printing and varnishing of cosmetic products