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Plasma pretreatment for the gluing of folded boxes

Gluing folded boxes perfectly

High-quality folded boxes are often difficult to glue, as they are often provided with a surface made of polyolefins or varnishes, which make gluing difficult or even impossible.

In order to be able to glue the boxes anyway, additional, expensive or aggressive special glue is used or the surface is removed mechanically with brushes or milling cutters.

Grinding and milling produce dust. The dust can contaminate the production environment and must be removed accordingly.

Plasma pretreatment is an elegant alternative to improve the adhesion.

glue adhesion on a folded box without plasma pretreatment
glue adhesion on a folded box with plasma pretreatment
Glue adhesion on a folded box without plasma pretreatment
Glue adhesion on a folded box with plasma pretreatment

Optimal pretreatment with plasma for folded boxes

Plasma pretreatment is a simple, inexpensive and controllable type of pretreatment.

The plasma activates the surface and thereby increases its wettability, so that the adhesive can spread well on the intended adhesive surface. Furthermore, the pretreatment creates an active surface, which enables the adhesive to have significantly higher adhesive forces.

Plasma treatment offers cost savings and process reliability

Increased productivity

  • High production speeds possible due to high plasma output
  • Saving of glue due to better adhesive strength of the glue
  • Reduction of production costs due to fewer different glues in stock, which means that standard glues can usually be used
  • No recesses in the coating necessary

Increased quality

  • Perfect, homogeneous and consistent gluing of coated, laminated and synthetic surfaces
  • No damage to the surface

Optimized ergonomics

  • Each nozzle can be controlled and regulated individually
  • Up to four nozzles can be used per generator, individually controllable
  • Optional rollable trolley for flexible use
  • Adjustable holder for each nozzle to use on the machine easily
  • Easy installation, small footprint, compact nozzles and generator

Reduced environmental impact

  • No dust and less noise in production, no more maintenance and tool costs for milling or grinding
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • No solvents

Can be used on all folder gluer machines, installations have been made on Heidelberg Diana X and older, Heidelberg EasyGluer, Bobst Alpina, Bobst Domino, Duran Omega, Vega Polaris etc.

Meets CE guidelines