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TIGRES CAT technology
Virtually potential-free plasma with a high effective range

Atmospheric plasma is used for effective cleaning and ultra-fine cleaning as well as for activation of surfaces made of metal, plastic, glass and composites. The treatment ensures proper bonding during the subsequent adhesive, printing or painting process.

    • Plasma CAT, single channel
    • cat 1k
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    • Plasma CAT Compact, single channel
    • cat com 1k
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    • Plasma CAT Compact, two channels
    • cat com 2k
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Essential features of CAT technology

The generator produces potential-free plasma, which is conveyed by an air stream out of the electrode and onto the surface to be treated.

  • Output CAT Compact 600 W, output CAT 1 kW
  • One or two heads of different series can be mounted on one generator
  • Operation with gas and gas mixtures possible
  • The supply lines are available in lengths of 2 m, 4 m and 8 m
  • Constant monitoring of the system's operating status ensures process reliability