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Plasma applications

 Packaging industry

  • Activation of adhesive flaps on film-coated folding boxes
  • Preparation of the surface for any type of adhesion on plastics, cardboard and coated substrates

 Printing industry

  • Activation of entire surface or parts thereof before UV printing, inkjet printing, pad printing or offset printing

 Medicine & life science

  • Disinfection of medical packaging
  • Creation of sterile surfaces
  • Coatings for biological applications

 Solar technology

  • Ultra-fine cleaning and activation before gluing the sockets
  • Activation of solar panel back sheets


  • Ultra-fine cleaning and/or activation of plastic and composite materials before painting, bonding and printing
  • Activation of polymer surfaces before printing
  • Ultra-fine cleaning of metal surfaces before painting, printing or bonding
  • Surface modification through application of thin, functional layers, e.g. as corrosion protection

 Electrical industry

  • Electronic components are pretreated to optimize the bond between casting compound and electronic components
  • Surface activation for optimal adhesion of small components
  • Functionlization of bare and printed circuit boards before applying protective varnish
  • Activation of electronic components before labeling