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Plasma ultra-fine cleaning | Clean surfaces

The reactive species of the plasma enables metal and polymer surfaces to be thoroughly fine-cleaned without the use of chemicals - and there is no harm to the environment.

Impurities on surfaces, such as lubricant on films, release agents on molded parts or fine coatings of oily dirt on metal, act as a barrier and prevent the applied material from bonding properly. So the ideal surface has to be free of impurities and have good wettability.

How does plasma ultra-fine cleaning work?

Manufacturing processes often leave fine organic residue on surfaces. Plasma ultra-fine cleaning gets rid of the residue. The energy input splits the organic compounds, transforms them to the gas phase and sucks them into the exhaust system. It is a dry chemical process, allowing a coating to be applied immediately.

Plasma ultra-fine cleaning for subsequent processes

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    Before welding
    Ultra-fine cleaning of metal surfaces before welding to create a clean welding seam. Then the next step can be to apply a plasma polymer coating that protects the welding seams from corrosion.
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    Before soldering
    Surfaces are fine-cleaned to improve the flow properties of solder. Depending on the application, the enhanced flow properties along the surface can save solder
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    Before painting or coating
    Ultra-fine cleaning or preparation of the surface to apply defined, functional layers.