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t jet header

TIGRES T-JET technology 
Corona for heat-sensitive surfaces

TIGRES T-JET offers indirect corona treatment with very little heat being transferred to the surface. This technology is ideal for pretreating heat-sensitive substrates.

Corona T-JET

  • t jet close-up
    T-JET head, close-up
  • T-jet generator
    T-JET generator
  • head in action
    Head in action


The corona discharge is generated inside of the head between two electrodes and conveyed onto the surface by an air stream.

Whether using a single head for a processing width of 20 - 60 mm or using multiple heads lined up together for wider applications - this proven technology offers a solution for many different purposes. The innovative feature of this technology is the modulated, high-frequency electrical voltage. One generator can supply up to two nozzles.

Different process gases such as nitrogen can be used here, too.

Technical data Corona T-JET

Output: Approx. 400 W per head
Channels: Max. 2
Temperature: Approx. 40° C
Carrier gas: Air (others on request)
Potential-free: No
Transformer: Internal
EDC technology:
NDC2 technology:


The technology can be adapted to any material width by varying the number of heads. Depending on the process parameters, the plasma treatment has an effective range of 10 - 40 mm.

Process integration

The supply lines to the Corona T-Jet heads can run parallel or perpendicular to the head.


  • Single head
  • Two heads on one generator

 Essential features of T-JET technology

The electrode generates a discharge (corona) that an air stream conveys onto the surface to be treated.

  • A single generator can feed one single head or two heads
  • Extremely powerful due to high-frequency modulation
  • The system is suitable for all non-conducting substrates
  • Proven, durable and inexpensive system solution
  • Integrated fan means no compressed air is needed