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Corona T-JET

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Technical Data
Technical data

The corona discharge is generated inside of the head between two electrodes and conveyed onto the surface by an air stream.

Whether using a single head for a processing width of 20 - 60 mm or using multiple heads lined up together for wider applications - this proven technology offers a solution for many different purposes. The innovative feature of this technology is the modulated, high-frequency electrical voltage. One generator can supply up to two nozzles.

Different process gases such as nitrogen can be used here, too.


Technical data Corona T-JET

Output Approx. 400 W per head
Channels Max. 2
Temperature Approx. 40° C
Carrier gas Air, nitrogen
Potential-free No
Transformer Internal
EDC technology No
NDC2 technology No


The technology can be adapted to any material width by varying the number of heads. Depending on the process parameters, the plasma treatment has an effective range of 10 - 40 mm.


Process integration

The supply lines to the Corona T-Jet heads can run parallel or perpendicular to the head.
  • Single head
  • Two heads on one generator